7 Low Carb Treats For Diabetics

Some tasty treats for diabetics
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You can still eat and drink delicious treats being diabetic or on a low carb diet.

Being a diabetic is frustrating enough trying to manage your glucose levels multiple times daily so we put together this article to help with finding low carb treats for diabetics that will fulfill you and keep your glucose levels intact.

1. Club soda or carbonated water drinks like Perrier.

These drinks have no carbohydrates at all and are considered free for a diabetic, you can add lemon or lime and it is a great treat for your taste buds on a hot summer day. Make sure you look on the package label to be certain there are no carbohydrates because some companies who make sparkling water use sugar but most club soda makers or Perrier have zero carbohydrates.

2. Unsweetened almond milk

Almond milk is a great alternative to regular milk for a diabetic, it taste great and is becoming a big trend. You can make your own with a blender or you can buy it at most shopping centers. Unsweetened almond milk has very low carbohydrates depending on the brands. It can range from about 0-2 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

This is great for cooking and making soups and to use in cereal to keep your carbohydrates low and still enjoy the things you love. It’s also good to just drink it so you don’t get board of just water or club soda. Make sure you read the labels to better understand the carbohydrate content in the brand you decide to buy.

3. Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are another carbohydrate free treat if you don’t use any sugar or very little. We recommend using organic raw cane sugar if you do insist on using sugar as its natural and will taste great with coffee and tea. One coffee in the morning and maybe a tea at lunch is very pleasing.

Later on in the day you can drink a few glasses of water and then have a club soda and a lemon with your dinner and a glass of almond milk before bed. This will keep you satisfied with great tasting drinks so you won’t have the need to drink sugar filled drinks.

4. Nuts and seeds

Most nuts and seeds are very low in carbohydrates you can have a few handfuls without affecting your blood glucose levels; you must check the labels to better understand the carbohydrate per serving. Nuts and seeds are great for snacking in between meals or before bed for a diabetic and they are very healthy for you also. Some examples are soya nuts and sunflower seeds.

5. Homemade frozen yoghurt

There is a new craze in home-made frozen yoghurt using only frozen fruits. You can buy a frozen desert maker machine for approx $50. Some brand names include; Yonannas and the Desert bullet and they are readily available to purchase at most Wal-mart stores or on-line. A bowl full of frozen mixed berry’s is approximate 1-2 servings of carbohydrates depending on the amount used or the fruits you choose, this is wonderful for a low carb desert treat after dinner for a diabetic.

Most pies or cakes are whopping 4-6 servings just for one slice and they are processed and unhealthy. With homemade yoghurt you are eating a healthy desert and it is very satisfying to your taste buds. You will need to read the label to maintain portion sizes so keep that in mind.

6. Oatmeal

Homemade oatmeal is a wonderful diabetic treat for breakfast; you can add chia seed and a touch of brown sugar or organic raw sugar cane to it as well. Oatmeal is approx 2 servings of carbs and this will be your alternative to cereal. It’s healthy and very filling. You can even cook an egg or two with it because eggs have no carbs at all. Breakfast is an important part of everyone’s day so it only makes sense to eat a good hardy low carb breakfast. You will need to read the label to determine your portions so keep that in mind.

7. Pop corn

Pop corn is a tasty diabetic treat everyone enjoys. You can have about 6 cups and that would equal one diabetic serving. Great for a night time treat or watching a movie. You should always look at nutritional labels to count your carb intake with anything you eat or drink. Popcorn is an alternative to chips or pretzels and since popcorn comes from nature its also healthy.

Closing thoughts:

You don’t always have to lose out on what you love if you are diabetic or on a low card diet, there are many delicious alternatives that taste just as good as or better than traditional snacks, drinks or deserts. Most of the items we mentioned in this article have very few additional ingredients and are considered more natural and they don’t use artificial sweeteners. Ingesting items with fewer processed ingredients is a healthier choice for anyone. We hope you enjoy!

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