9 Health Benefits of Coconut Water That Prove It’s Not Just a Fad

9 Health Benefits of Coconut Water That Prove It’s Not Just a Fad

Coconut water is the latest craze to enter the health and fitness scene. It’s marketed to be better than the regular sports drink in terms of nutrition, electrolyte, and sugar content. Aside from being a refreshing drink, coconut water promises other health benefits ranging from the elimination of kidney stones to reducing cancer risk. The refreshing beverage has swept an entire health-conscious generation and can be found just about anywhere—in supermarkets, vending machines, and your gym’s juice bar.

Although its remarkable popularity now, we have to wonder—is this tropical drink merely a hype? In this post, we delve into some of the amazing benefits of coconut water, all backed by science and research.

1. Coconut water boosts exercise performance

Ounce per ounce, coconut water has more electrolytes than any other energy or carbonated drink. It’s also a good source of potassium. These minerals are crucial when exercising because they keep the cramps and dehydration at bay.

Aside from containing plenty of electrolytes, Coconut water is high in calcium and magnesium. These minerals aren’t just for healthy bones and teeth; they’re essential to repairing our overused and torn muscles that result from rigorous physical activity. Since it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, pure coconut water—those bottled from young green coconuts—is a better drink for when you’re working out.

2. Coconut water may help you lose weight

Coconut water is only 45 calories per cup, which makes it a guilt-free drink for those who are watching their waistlines. It also has less sugar and carbs than most fruit juices. Since a cup is so filling, drinking it suppresses the appetite. If you feel like snacking throughout the day, try drinking a glass of coconut water—you’ll instantly feel full and nourished!

3. Coconut water improves your skin

Coconut water contains lauric acid, an antibacterial agent found in many beauty products. It fights pimples, acne, and other skin inflammation. Additionally, this miracle drink has been known to help treat psoriasis. Because dry skin is more prone to flaking and itching, a boost of hydration from drinking coconut water nourishes your skin, leaving it plumper and more radiant.

4. Coconut water is good for the heart

Research shows that regular intake of coconut water can reduce blood cholesterol levels in a similar manner to Lovastatin, an over-the-counter-drug. It’s also a low-fat drink that increases the body’s good cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure.

5. Coconut water aids digestion

Aside from its hydration properties, coconut water contains a high concentration of fibre that aids in digestion. It prevents constipation and reduces acid reflux. Thanks to its electrolyte content, coconut water provides relief to those suffering from diarrhea. An effective home remedy is to consume a glass within an hour after a bout of diarrhea.

6. Coconut water lowers blood sugar levels

Diabetic patients can include coconut water in their diet. This tropical drink contains L-arginine, a known anti-diabetic compound that reduces blood glucose levels. It may also reduce the levels of hemoglobin A1 and fight oxidative stress, both of which trigger a spike in one’s sugar levels.

7. Coconut water helps dissolve kidney stones

Intake of coconut water has proven to be effective in flushing out kidney stones and crystals in urine. Subsequently, it improves renal function and heals bladder infections.

8. Coconut water may save your life during an emergency

Interestingly, coconut water mimics the composition of blood plasma. Therefore, it can be used for blood transfusions during extreme emergencies when there is a need to rehydrate a patient quickly. That said, the effect is temporary and should only be administered when necessary.

9. Coconut water may prevent cancer

On top of all its health benefits, the water from this tropical seed/fruit contains high levels of antioxidants and cytokinins—two key cancer-fighting ingredients. Antioxidants help get rid of free radicals in our body and aid in cell regeneration. Cytokinins are hormones found in plants that help reverse signs of ageing.

Because of its unique composition of nutrients, coconut water is an incredible drink that’s good for one’s overall health. Nutritionists recommend for people to consume one coconut a day. It’s also best to drink it fresh to get the most of its benefits and an authentic tropical experience.

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