The Best Godaddy Review 2017 + Hosting & Domain Coupons

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Save Money With Homemade Wine and Beer

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Tex-Mex Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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Some tasty treats for diabetics

You can still eat and drink delicious treats being diabetic or on a low carb diet. Being a diabetic is frustrating enough trying to manage your glucose levels multiple times daily so we put together this article to help with finding low carb treats for diabetics that will fulfill you and keep your glucose levels intact. 1. …

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Social media like button

We explain how social media can help your business. We all know about social media, but how do we use it for business and is it really worth the extra effort? Our social media experts have created this article to address these often asked questions and give you some tips for your business. Twitter: Your job on Twitter is …

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Person watching tv shows

Our top 5 picks for hot and exciting TV shows. We went ahead and scraped all avenues to find the best TV shows of today. These shows are timeless so even if you don’t find this article for a few years these TV shows will still be current and relevant to your viewing needs. We set out to find …

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free work

How free work can benefit your career! This topic has been adopted into the workplace for many years in an unnoticed fashion. Nobody ever put much thought into the benefits it could yield until recently. The term free work was pioneered by a creative young man named Charlie Hoehn. You can see his work and …

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Reverse osmosis drinking water

Maximize your reverse osmosis drinking water system Clean water is what the world is looking for today with all the chemicals and impurities all over the world. Healthy water is very important because our body is made of 80% water and you know what they say “we are what we drink”. Reverse osmosis water is a …

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Juicing for weight loss and energy

Juicing is a fun and tasty way to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Celebrities, the wealthy and athletes have been juicing for decades. Juicing helps fight against obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Juicing makes it easy to get a instant blast of nutrients into our cells on a daily basis. Let’s be honest …

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Circuit board

Cyber space A.K.A “digital toy box” Kids and adults have unlimited games, devices and apps to choose from these days. In just a few years the digital toy box era has exploded into something nobody seen coming this fast. Most children’s toys today are integrated with apps or some form of online or digital interaction. …

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social media marketing

Using social media marketing to its full potential Websites, apps and social media marketing are all very important aspects for any business in today’s digital world. Without these avenues a business can get lost or forgotten about very easily with the over whelming amount of data that is seen by the average person daily. Being …

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online education

Online education is today’s reality Just a few years ago people could not see or identify the future of education. Today we can learn on the go in the comfort of our home or while we sit on a beach sipping a fruity ice drink. Online education is still in its infant stages and the possibilities are truly …

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burning desire

Do you have a burning desire or just a hopeful dream? One major key to self success is having a dream that manifests itself into a deep burning desire. Something you think about all day and night even in the shower, at work, during exercise and everywhere you go. It is possible to have a …

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