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Save Money With Homemade Wine and Beer

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Top 10 First Date Tips

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Lights, Camera, Action

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Succeeding At New Goals In The New Year

A new year is to contemplate what happened over the prior year, then put it to bed. It is a new year, full of new opportunities, and a whole new you. Some people desire to have new relationships, while others want to banish debt or find more time to do the things they love to …

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Save Money With Homemade Wine and Beer

Thinking of making wine and beer at home and not sure where to start? Are you someone who would like to enjoy a casual drink from time to time but does not like spending the money changed for alcohol at your local liquor store or bar? If so you may be interested in this helpful …

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Top 10 first date tips

The first date is great, but a second date is even better! Our team has compiled a top 10 first date tips to help you win over your next date. Let’s be honest, the first date is a crucial moment, and it is an evaluation process. It is a time to get to know someone …

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A must read for aspiring actors and models

A few basic tips for aspiring actors and models. The internet has made the entertainment industry a keystroke away. We have access to amazing platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and much more. There is an app for everything and many free places to find undiscovered talent like never before. The first thing is to …

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We are what we think

This is something we all know but often forget as we grow! Now that we have your attention, it is a simple truth we are talking about really. The hardest part is making that truth into your new reality. In this world, we have witnessed in some form or another that anything is possible if …

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Sky diver with no fear

A dream that was put on the back burner could have been the key that unlocked your future. We all know that fear is a major road block in everyone’s life. Fear is the number one cause of stress, doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes we may not give it much thought and we go about our day without really …

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burning desire

Do you have a burning desire or just a hopeful dream? One major key to self success is having a dream that manifests itself into a deep burning desire. Something you think about all day and night even in the shower, at work, during exercise and everywhere you go. It is possible to have a …

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Music is the essences of pure happiness, music is literally recorded love, music fulfills our mind with good vibes giving us unexplainable creative energy, and music can change anyone’s mood in less than a second. Music is everywhere; music can be heard from a far distance and through walls. Music vibrates our souls, and most …

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Have you ever wondered what makes a professional pro at what they do? Well its simple, most professionals eat, sleep and live for their professions. Over many years you develop skills and a way of doing things efficient and you get good at what you do. You don’t always need to be educated to be …

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Every day we over whelm our self with too many tasks and we are creating an unbalanced life style. Creating unnecessary stress, negativity and we really need to take it back a step and make life simple again. Life was meant to enjoy, smile and laugh. We have built up to much on our plates. …

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