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Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill

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Free Work

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Digital Toy Box

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Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill

Technology has made saving money easier today then ever before. We know everyone out there wants to find ways to save money. Might as well start with your grocery budget. With these helpful tips, you’ll be doing it in no time. Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, so why not put it to …

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free work

How free work can benefit your career! This topic has been adopted into the workplace for many years in an unnoticed fashion. Nobody ever put much thought into the benefits it could yield until recently. The term free work was pioneered by a creative young man named Charlie Hoehn. You can see his work and …

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Circuit board

Cyber space A.K.A “digital toy box” Kids and adults have unlimited games, devices and apps to choose from these days. In just a few years the digital toy box era has exploded into something nobody seen coming this fast. Most children’s toys today are integrated with apps or some form of online or digital interaction. …

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online education

Online education is today’s reality Just a few years ago people could not see or identify the future of education. Today we can learn on the go in the comfort of our home or while we sit on a beach sipping a fruity ice drink. Online education is still in its infant stages and the possibilities are truly …

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The web extension .com is becoming rare and more valuable each and every day. New extensions are being launched into the internet to accommodate all the growing demand for up and coming websites. We are simply running low on good .com names these days that someone has not already registered. I have always considered the …

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Marketing and advertising can be a challenge today. Internet, radio and TV seem to be always the clear cut winner with any marketing campaign in this day and age. Some times we just need to sit back and think out of the box. Flyers on poles and handing out promo materials are good but it …

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Over the last ten years I have probably joined hundreds of sites. Recently I have been cleaning up all these useless sites and trying to unsubscribe or delete my account and to my shock and surprise a large percentage won’t let me opt out or they hide opt out information hoping we will just give …

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Life is an amazing journey; it’s formed of what we make it to be and how we believe it to be. I know we all have had times when we started a trend or inspired an idea and someone close ran with it and made it beyond just you. Some examples may have been a …

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The death of the music manager

Are music managers still relevant in today’s music industry? In today’s new music industry, a music manager is becoming less and less critical. In the old days, they were used to get the artist in the correct position; they were also used to polish off an unknown act into a masterpiece. Today this is not …

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