Fear Is Our Worst Enemy

Sky diver with no fear
Photo by: Lachlan Rogers

A dream that was put on the back burner could have been the key that unlocked your future.

We all know that fear is a major road block in everyone’s life. Fear is the number one cause of stress, doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes we may not give it much thought and we go about our day without really understanding why we are unhappy or unmotivated.

Battling your fears head on is the key to being highly successful. A fearless mind is an essential ingredient to reach ones dreams and goals. When we hesitate to follow our hearts we automatically inherit guilt. We also bury the fact we failed before we even started and got scared to try something new.

Intelligent people know and understand fear, they realize it’s an obstacle and something to overcome and concur with practice. We inherit fear at a young age from the environment we grew up in, the schools we attended, past experiences we have been though and simply failing at something we thought we would be great at.

We need to enable a confident and courageous mind set on a subconscious and conscious level. We also need to reshape the way we look at life and think about things. Being conscious about the way we think is the only way we can notice how we think and reshape the way we think subconsciously.

Another important aspect is being realistic with our self; if we are not realistic we are already on the wrong path before we start. It’s always good to get a third party view or outlook on yourself to assist on the overall fear tackling process.

Write down your fears and look at them often and make it a point to tackle them one by one. Being fearless is being confident and when you feel confident you feel on top of your game and on top of your world. Living a fearless life will give you an edge over about 80% of the world.

Stress takes a major toll on one’s health and well being. Fear in most cases is unnecessary stress that lies within and many times undetectable or unrealized. Fear can determine if you get that dream job or if you ask out your potential soul mate to a nice dinner. Don’t let fear control your destiny, take it by the horns and take back your future.

Keep in mind failure is a part of life not everything we attempt will pan out, just keep trying and learn something new each time. Set reasonable goals and focus on obtaining them, then refine them and make them a part of your life.

In many cases situations are random and once we realize this we can then understand the odds are not out to get us on an individual level. Maybe you get denied a job five interviews in a row and the sixth you get the job. Then next time you attempt to get a job in the future you get it the first try.

People who are fearless have a long list of accomplishments to show for, they don’t take no for an answer and they see no limit or barriers. Every closed door is a sign to find another opening, be creative and be fearless.

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