GenM Offers Free Marketing for Businesses With Digital Apprenticeships – Review

GenM Offers Free Marketing for Businesses With Digital Apprenticeships

GenM offers free digital marketing for business and a free learning platform for aspiring digital marketing students.

In this new millennial era, Digital Media has become an important aspect of our world. With the explosion of Smartphones, on demand services, kiosks, mobile games, and countless applications the way consumers engage and content is delivered has changed dramatically from older more traditional means of marketing.

Digital Marketing consists of many aspects and is constantly growing daily. For some, Digital Marketing is still unimaginable as they are stuck doing older ways of Marketing and it has been a slow climb for people to see its true value, however, many start ups, small – large business and even celebrities have benefited greatly with digital marketing due to its traceable conversions, low costs and impact.

Many people are not sure where to get started and feel its overwhelming and they may notice sales dropping compared to competitors who do use digital marketing effectively. There are countless blogs, webinars, online courses, seminars and even YouTube channels dedicated to digital marketing. With so much to choose from its hard to know where to start and get good results and not waste time especially if you are and existing business owner or you are a freelancer aiming to help businesses in this massive digital boom.

Today we are excited to share and review an amazing free online learning platform for digital marketing its called GenM.

The concept is very simple and effective. For a student, you sign up and complete your profile in as little as 5 minutes. After that, go to the training section, watch videos, read, and complete tests on many digital marketing topics and subtopics. This approach is typical and can be found many places online usually for a cost because it takes time to build a program on this scale. GenM takes it to another level what they call the future of digital marketing and apprenticeships.

The other side of this new and interesting approach is that a business can join and offer hands on experience to students over the internet. The business pays a small fee to be apart of this mentor-ship program. A typical mentor-ship / apprentice program is set over a 3 month period. Cost is very reasonable for a business. GenM supplies all the tools to make this process easy such as contracts, tools to rate and keep in contact through the entire time.

A student can start searching for a businesses who will potentially take you on as an apprentice and a business can search for a student as well. When you find a match you reach out and work out the details and interview each other. When a match has been agreed upon you then work together the student learns digital marketing and gains hands-on experience, all done over the internet. Most digital tasks can all be done remote so this works perfect for both parties.

Some of the topics covered in the learning portal as as follow:

– Intro to Marketing
– Paid Advertising
– Email Marketing
– Social Media
– Content Marketing
– Analytics
– E-commerce
– Website Platform
– Freelancing (New)
– Affiliate Marketing (New)
– Influencer Marketing (New)
– Public Relation (New)
– Soft Skills (Opened when you sign an apprenticeship contract)

The topics are presented in a very simplistic way and done in chunks so learning is easier. You can move at your own pace with no pressure. If you have a busy life then it works perfect since its online and its also free so no extra pressure of subscriptions or fees for students.

When working in the apprenticeship section of GenM and you have completed the 90 days, both apprentice and mentor will provide input and if all satisfy, the apprentice will receive the a certificate / badge and be granted permissions to put the experience as part of his/her resume. Some might even get an offer from the business for a permanent position afterward.

Its truly a win win as the business gets help with marketing tasks, and the apprentice gets real-life experience in the industry. We highly recommend you give it a try today.

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