How Can You Use YouTube For Learning?

How Can You Use YouTube For Learning?

YouTube started as a platform to create and share videos online. Over the years, it has become a place where people can learn more about their interests, develop new hobbies, watch short films, and more. YouTube has also been instrumental in the emergence of vlogs (short for video blogs), where people create video content about their interests, hobbies, and anything under the sun.

YouTube, however, is so much more than a media platform where people can watch funny animal videos, listen to new music, and tune-in to freshly uploaded vlogs. YouTube is also extensively used by experts and generous people to share their invaluable knowledge about their passions to those who want to learn.

Thousands of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every day. If you want to learn something new or brush up on existing skills, you can find various videos of guides, tutorials, and lessons. Regardless of what topic or niche you are looking for, there’s plenty to choose from. You might be wondering: What can you learn on YouTube?

Here are a few abilities that you can learn with the help of YouTube videos:

Cooking delicious dishes like a pro

As one of the most common types of videos on the platform, there is an abundance of cooking videos on YouTube that can help you put together dishes worthy of a Michelin Star. Through cooking tutorials, in-depth videos, and short documentaries, you can uncover a vast selection of different skills you can use in the kitchen. The great part is that you can cook while watching a tutorial in real-time. Just by prop up a laptop or mobile device on a kitchen counter to serve as a guide.

Playing a musical instrument

Whether you’ve been meaning to start a band or are intent on mastering an instrument within the confines of your bedroom, you can find help on YouTube. From Grammy-winning artists and classical or modern maestros and virtuosos to licensed conservatory professors, there are many instructors who can teach you all you need to know about playing an instrument. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find a tutorial on YouTube that can help you master any instrument better.

DIY home repair

The DIY approach continues to become more popular in finding long-term solutions for various things, including home repair. Many experts are sharing their valuable insights, tips, and tricks with informative step-by-step videos on YouTube.

Need to give your home’s walls a fresh layer of wallpaper? There’s a video for that.

Got a washing machine or dishwasher that’s been acting strange? Solve it with a video.

Does your sink have a crack, and all you have are instant noodles and glue to fix it? Surprisingly enough, there’s a video for that.

YouTube is the salvation for every DIY home repair enthusiast looking to fix any kind of problems that may occur at home. If you have a problem at home that needs to be fixed pronto, you can head over to YouTube right away.

Speaking a new language

Have you been itching to pick up a new language to impress your friends at a party or on a trip to Spain? YouTube poder ayudar!  (“YouTube can help” in Spanish).

There are thousands of language tutorials for different dialects and languages all around the world that you can use to become multilingual or better with using your own native tongue. Just like learning in an actual language school, YouTube has an abundance of different tutorial videos ranging from beginner levels to advanced difficulties—except YouTube is free, of course!

With a few search terms and clicks, you can find a tutorial on anything and everything that you’ve ever wanted to learn about and will need to brush up on in the future. These four ideas are just a few of the different skills that you can pick up with the help of YouTube videos. Indeed, YouTube has become more than a platform for sharing and creating videos. Its purpose has expanded to provide learning and education to many people.

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