If music dies so do we

Music is the essences of pure happiness, music is literally recorded love, music fulfills our mind with good vibes giving us unexplainable creative energy, and music can change anyone’s mood in less than a second.

Music is everywhere; music can be heard from a far distance and through walls. Music vibrates our souls, and most importantly music is loved by all. They say music is the universal language to the entire world; Music is the sweet sound of Gods love on earth expressed by human emotions.

No matter what mood you are in music can make a bad day come back alive again. Anytime I’m in a bad mood I would go make a new song or play a record. Music is more powerful than anything on earth; it can heal with its powerful vibrations. Have you ever head a song and put it on repeat for literally days? This is like capturing the essences of happiness itself and putting on repeat. That’s powerful!

Being a music producer is an amazing job and my favorite part about producing is finding few sounds that work perfect together, the energy is overwhelming and locks you in a trance. Music is the natural high of life and the power trapped in the sweet variations are underestimated and unknown. Music is a natural therapy for depression and may other medical aspects. We have just touched the surface of what music is capable of.

Sound frequency can reshape the very things around us, it is said that the world is shaped by sound frequency. The ancient Greeks took music very seriously building amazing amphitheaters that still stand today.

Music has memories attached to it, when I hear an old song I remember when I first heard it and the way I felt at that time when I first heard it, It’s also an extremely powerful way even to express something you can’t say yourself to someone you love or hate. A movie would not be a movie if music was not used to express the emotion of the scene.

Music captures unspoken truths and hidden messages one soul can only express. Music is our outlet on earth to reaching and sharing happiness with God himself. If music was to die so would mankind, we all need to embrace musicians and the entire craft. Since music is so easy to come by today we forget how important it really is to support our favorite writers and performers.

Photo Credit: Paul

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