Investing in weed

This year has been a hot buyers market for stock trading and many theme plays are popping up out of no where, one in particular is marijuana stocks. As strange as it might sound investing in weed, a lot of stock traders are buying and selling marijuana theme stocks and making really good money doing so. Flicking through the channels of the major new stations all I have been hearing and seeing is talk and hype about marijuana being legalized everywhere. Its not just medical marijuana stocks trading its lighting supply company’s, seed company’s and company’s that sell paraphernalia, they are all grouped in the so called “weed theme” in the OTC markets.

Some have already grown fast and some people have made very nice profits trading these cheap, low priced, wild and speculative stocks. Most seasoned traders say they are to risky because they are classified as penny stocks and are being hyped by shady promoters. Now the main stream news is touching on the topic and making the weed sector grow even more overnight and of course talks about legalization around north america will play a huge part of this hot new stock trend, so it might be worth wild to keep our eye on how things go. Some traders blogs are saying they are scams, pump and dumps (wolf of wall street type stocks) others are saying they have made some decent profits so far especially with the support of main stream news.

Its so strange how the times change over night, you can now go to work and tell your boss you made some money buying and selling weed as a joke, but really it was virtual weed in the stock market. I ask myself what will be trending next as the future unravels itself in 2014? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: WendyGail91

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