Online education

online education

Online education is today’s reality

Just a few years ago people could not see or identify the future of education. Today we can learn on the go in the comfort of our home or while we sit on a beach sipping a fruity ice drink. Online education is still in its infant stages and the possibilities are truly endless.  Education is everywhere across the internet from Youtube, podcasts, blogs to more advanced and specific learning sites like Khan Academy or Duo lingo. A lot of the new modern and upbeat educational sites are free or little money and filled with good quality content. The downside is you may not get any solid credentials but you do gain up-to-date and accurate knowledge to apply to your job, business or real life situations.

We have come a long way from door to door sales men with the latest copy of encyclopedia’s or do it yourself book sets. Over the last five years more and more libraries have been closing down especially in the primary education facilities.  Online education not only helps us with clutter but it archives the knowledge for us as well and in many cases provides us with testing, audio and visual for the many types of learning preferences. Online education is also used to aid additional assistance for many students. Lets be honest sometimes students just don’t receive knowledge well in a lecture or by reading a text book. Learning online gives you the ability to replay the material and get different perspectives from different sources; this is very helpful to assist students in retaining what they have learned for a life time rather than just to pass a test.

Technology and the digital age have a lot of upside and its changing the world we live in everyday and the way we learn and do business. We live in a time where knowledge is at its pinnacle and so readily available at the simple click or swipe of a mouse or tablet. The explosion of mobile devices accessing the internet has made this even more greater across the globe. We can now learn, play and share sitting in the back seat of a taxi. Collaboration has become an everyday task and more relevant up to date content is at our finger tips which will assist our evolving minds to come up with greater and more advanced applications to simplify and modify our everyday lifestyles. Traditional learning will always be essential and may be standard for many years to come but we can’t deny that online education is here and is not going away any time soon.

Photo by: David Lankford

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