Reverse Osmosis, Good Or Bad?

Reverse osmosis drinking water
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Maximize your reverse osmosis drinking water system

Clean water is what the world is looking for today with all the chemicals and impurities all over the world. Healthy water is very important because our body is made of 80% water and you know what they say “we are what we drink”. Reverse osmosis water is a great way to make sure you have clean drinking water in your home or office. Recent studies show it might be too clean for optimum health. The reverse osmosis process has no bias of good and bad elements so it strips all elements from the water leaving us with a very clean but acidic drinking water.

The best way around this problem is purchasing a reverse osmosis machine with a re-mineralization stage in addition to the filtration stages. Re-mineralization is the key to place the good elements back into the water like calcium and magnesium. This stage should be the last stage in the reverse osmosis chain. If you test the PH in your current reverse osmosis unit you will notice the PH is very low and this can be harmful over long exposure and re-mineralization will bring your waters PH back to normal alkaline levels leaving you with a clean and healthy drinking water for you and your loved ones.

Reverse osmosis is great and we now have the option to make it ever better. You might be able to add a re-mineralization stage to your current system but you should consult with a reverse osmosis system specialist. Another temporary option is to have a glass of tap water from time to time. Drinking only acidic water stripped of essential nutrients will leave you feeling frequent discomfort, joint pain, tension, stress and your energy levels drained and could possibly be the underlining cause of health problems you may have or may develop.

Another interesting fact is reverse osmosis water is used to make beautiful ice sculptures leaving the ice clear and flawless. The impurities in tap water leave bubbles and cloudy white patches in frozen ice making it undesirable for ice sculptures. This shows how clean reverse osmosis water really is, now we just need to place the useful minerals back in for long term and safe consumption.

Recently additive drops and re-mineralization stage filters are coming into the marketplace but be careful because some companies are jumping the gun without proper research and development and too much re-mineralization can be harmful as well. Always do your due diligence and contact a reverse osmosis system specialist.

If your looking for a head start online to find help or information you can checkout this company who sells and provides advise on alkaline reverse osmosis systems and filters Vitev

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