Tips on How to Write a Book

Tips on How to Write a Book

Many people think that writing is easy, but that is not always the case. The journey of writing is a long, and winding road and the hardest part of the process is getting started. However, once you reach your destination, it will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Here’s what you need to know about the writing process:

1. Productivity

When it comes to writing, nothing will be produced out of thin air. It entails the importance of productivity – from the time you type the first word up to the last revision on your manuscript. Here’s how to be productive:

  • Know your main purpose: Before you start typing, sit down, and contemplate the main reason for writing. Is it to make a living, advance your career, or fulfill your dream? Knowing your purpose will make a difference in the whole writing journey.
  • Schedule your writing: Having a streamlined schedule set in place helps you to be productive. Make sure that the schedule is when you spark some creativity, and you can write at your best.
  • Set daily and weekly word goals: If you want to produce ten pages within a week, make sure to set realistic goals based on your writing speed and any specific deadlines.

2. Content Development

After setting your productivity pace, consider how you will develop your content. This is the most crucial part, which is writing itself. Here’s how you go about creating and developing your content:

  • Think of a big, captivating idea: Thinking of a big idea is a critical part of the writing process. You need a concept that will hold your fascination throughout the long process of writing and editing.
  • Start researching your big idea:  Researching should be a part of the writing process. If you’re writing a non-fiction book, all the more you need to have extensive research. Even fictional works require you to search for ideas and perform some research.
  • Develop character and story: The actual writing itself is the most daunting step, which includes developing the character and story. You need to ensure that you have the writing stamina to do it in the long run.

3. Publishing

Publishing is the last part of the process. Writing is one thing, and having it published is another. While there’s a sea of writers out there, only a few get published. If you want to have your book published, here’s what you need to do:

  • Continue revising your book: Make sure to continue revising your book before submitting it. Revising, refining and editing are all essential to a great book.
  • Look for a literary agent: If you’re aiming for traditional publication, you can look for a literary agent. Chances are, you’ll increase your odds of having your work published by working with an agent. Your best bet is to search online for literary agents, or you can look for book publishing hotbed in your locality.
  • Search for self-publishing options: If the traditional route isn’t ideal, resorting to self-publishing is a viable option. There are many options when it comes to publishing the book yourself. This is particularly possible if you’re a new author.

The whole process of writing is a tedious one. Be prepared for some setbacks and the need to be pushed further. At some point, you might become uninspired, exhausted, and even doubtful of your skills and capabilities. However, what separates the regular writers from the great ones is the ability to endure the entire writing journey and surpass all the obstacles.

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