Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill

Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill
Photo by: Chris Potter

Technology has made saving money easier today then ever before.

We know everyone out there wants to find ways to save money. Might as well start with your grocery budget. With these helpful tips, you’ll be doing it in no time.

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days, so why not put it to good use. Go to your app store and download flipp. It’s free, user-friendly and you definitely won’t regret it! This app is a game changer. It let’s you price match on your phone, without having to worry about bringing a bunch of flyers. You also won’t be that annoying person at the checkout whom is fumbling through their flyers trying to remember what store that item was on sale at. Let’s be honest we all want to save money, but don’t want to spend all our time doing it. Once you have the apps ready, it’s time for the fun part!

With flipp the process is so quick and easy,  it will make you wonder why you weren’t doing it sooner.  Just make sure your favorite store has a price match policy first. Most stores do these days, so if yours doesn’t, I’m sure the one down the road does! Once you have your app open it up and let the savings begin. You could go through flyer by flyer, or by categories,  or you can just hit the search button in the top corner and type the first item on your list. Once you do that it will bring up all the stores that have that item on sale.

Then just tap the one you want and it will circle it and add it to your clippings. If at any time you want to see what you clipped, just press the the icon beside the flipp logo and a screen will come down with options and select clippings. There’s also an option to make a grocery list. When you do that it automatically brings up all the sales for that item. You can just select which sale you want to use and it saves it with your list. Two birds, one stone! Now when you go through the checkout you can quickly show the cashier the sale price on your phone, and they’ll switch the item at price at checkout. It’s really that easy!

There are also a few other apps that actually pay you for items you already intended to buy. Yes you heard that right! When you buy things on their list, they add money to your account. It’s like using coupons without actually having the coupon. But by all means, if you have a coupon use that too! This is how it works. Once you get home from your shopping trip just take a picture of your grocery receipt with your smartphone, check off the items you purchased, and you’ll start earning cash back. When your account reaches the required minimum amount i.e. $10, just cash out and they’ll send you a check.

If you’re already going to be buying these items, you may as well take a minute to earn some extra cash. It really takes no time at all to reach the minimum amount. Just check the app before you head to the store to see what’s on there. And don’t forget to price match that item too. These apps include Snap, Checkout 51 and Zweet.

Additional Tips:

Each month plan a budget and decide ahead of time how much you would like to spend per month on groceries and divide that by four, this way you will know how much you have to spend each week. Next, make a grocery list of everything you’ll need for the week before you go out shopping. What we like to recommend is to make a quick meal plan of what you want to make for dinner that week.  You will also need to keep in mind those hectic nights when you get home from work late starving or just need to eat on the go. So plan for something quick and easy like chicken wraps! This way you won’t feel the urge to hit up the dreadful drive thru. Don’t forget to include lunch and snack items on your list too. Compile a list on the side of your fridge for when you start running low on things like sugar, this way you won’t have to make unnecessary trips to the store mid week because you forgot items.

One more important tip that we can’t stress enough.  Do not go to the grocery store hungry! This will definitely cause you to make impulse buys and sway from your list. Therefore making you buy things you don’t want, don’t need, and since you didn’t price match it you may end up paying double than what you could have if you did!

We all have to eat. You might as well make your food work for you! What most people don’t know is that you can easily save $30 – $50 dollars each week applying the methods listed above and over a 52 week period that could add up to well over $2000 in savings if not more. Its about time we treat our self with something nice. Don’t you agree?

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