Keep it simple

Every day we over whelm our self with too many tasks and we are creating an unbalanced life style. Creating unnecessary stress, negativity and we really need to take it back a step and make life simple again. Life was meant to enjoy, smile and laugh. We have built up to much on our plates.

In this digital life we live today it’s easy to get buried in a mess of files, photos, passwords, emails, text’s etc. I like to sit back every December and organize all my mess and files, computers etc. to prepare for the New Year to come. I see from year to year that I really don’t need half of the things I accumulated. Every year I get wiser and file things smarter and hold back on wasteful things.

Take some time to think a plan for your life, make it simple and go enjoy the good things we have at our finger tips, take a walk in the mall, see the friendly faces, visit some nice places and spend time with funny happy people.

Photo Credit: 55Laney69

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