Digital Toy Box

Circuit board
Photo by: Stacie Daponte

Cyber space A.K.A “digital toy box”

Kids and adults have unlimited games, devices and apps to choose from these days. In just a few years the digital toy box era has exploded into something nobody seen coming this fast. Most children’s toys today are integrated with apps or some form of online or digital interaction. This has been a great advancement into the digital age and you could describe this as a small step into the sci-fi or future we read about in comic books and seen on TV shows like the Jetson’s in the past.

What will be the next leap into the digital toy box era?

Cars will be connected to the internet opening up another Pandora’s box of possibilities.  Recently we have seen smart watches that can check your Facebook page and make phone calls. We really need a master source for data, apps, passwords, movies, pics and music. Cloud based is good but many people are still sceptical of crucial data on third party servers. Sweeping forward a private central server or a super computer hub located at home could be the host of all data for all your devices and easily synchronize everything into one integrated user experience taking out the need for third party cloud services away.

Televisions, appliances, heating and cooling systems, tablets, PVR’s and security system can all be controlled and connected to this central super computer and could be accessible remote from your mobile device,work computer etc. The sky is the limit and companies are already holding the cards to these innovations. The only thing that holds us back today is the cost for this leap forward. Making these digital advancements and keeping cost reasonable will be the magic trick for developers. Organization and security will be paramount in the future of digital technologies.

The digital toy box era has no age limits, no restrictions and no ceiling. The impossible is already just one click away. Medical, education, multi-media, entertainment and IT are going to be leading industries today and in the near future.  We are all excited to see what’s next and for the first time in history we are all on the same playing field.

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