Get More Done Utilizing Teamwork

Get More Done Utilizing Teamwork

We need to focus on working smarter, not harder, and teamwork is the solution.

Not every situation is designed to be a team effort, but in the world, we live in there is not a day that goes by where the need to work as a team does not present itself in some form. Teamwork is a powerful tool and is significantly underutilized believe it or not. It’s like cloning yourself and getting an enormous task done in way less time. Big companies know how to utilize the eminence power of delegation.

It is a mathematics game. If you have to do yard work yourself, it will take approximately 2 hours, but if your family members join in as well, it can be reduced to 45 minutes or less. Then you can spend the rest of your extra time enjoying ice cream and tossing a baseball and creating long-lasting memories. Now that is a win-win situation.

Many small business owners are guilty of not utilizing this powerful tool. The owners who do understand this leverage in some cases are granted the ability to be a business owner and not an owner of a job. When you can break away from owning a job, you can find the time needed to expand the company the way you always dreamed. Now think hard about that statement!

Some things people say might be. “If I had more time, I would be more successful,” or “This business is perfect to franchise, but I do not have the time.” The simple fact is we are all granted the same tools; some of us use them better than others.

When people work together, they build unity. Unity is power; Power is energy. Energy is the key to overcoming any adversity. When many people are working toward the same goal, the impossible becomes so much easier to tackle. Teamwork has been a common strategy for thousands of years. Look in any history book and see for yourself how many empires were built this way.

Life has segregated us with obstacles like mobile devices, video games, headphones, personal TV’s, and so much more that we often forget to involve others in our life. We spend so much time relying on our self that we forget people are willing to help us do things and in many cases, for free.

Family, friends and neighbours know when it is time to move or build the new porch the gang will come through and lend a helpful hand. So why don’t we use this for all that we do? Two minds are always better than one, and working alongside people is productive and fun!

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