The burning desire within you

burning desire

Do you have a burning desire or just a hopeful dream?

One major key to self success is having a dream that manifests itself into a deep burning desire. Something you think about all day and night even in the shower, at work, during exercise and everywhere you go. It is possible to have a few burning desires at simultaneously. An example would be to find true love and and start a new business venture. Love is another key ingredient to success it pushes you to limits we never knew we could reach.

Love is passion and love is divine. They say the most successful men and women have great love and support around them. Look at celebrities for an example, they are loved by so many fans and that’s what makes them so sought after. Without love no celebrity would be famous, they would slip through the cracks and be forgotten. Having love in your life is very powerful and it keeps you focused on what matters most to reach your dreams and goals, it also give you a reasons to be that much more successful because now you have a reason to keep going at full throttle simply because people depend on you.

Your burning desire must be your obsession, you must be willing to go beyond your fears and reach deep into the unknown. Success is painful especially when your in the beginning stages, if everything was easy to obtain then we would all be superstars and that would take the fun out of reaching our goals. People will tell you you are never going to make it, you will occasionally even talk your self into believing they might be right.

You have to set your mind free from fear, worry, doubt and program your brain it to be dead set on your burning desire and success. Vision your self doing what you desire, meditate and picture yourself successful. Clip pictures of things you want and ways you would like to feel and look at them every day and night. Imagine yourself in the life you desire and position your self to be around the people who can help you succeed.

After your burning desire has been engraved into your subconscious mind its almost like having a memorized business plan or itinerary, things will start to work smoothly now. Always be yourself, be confident, know what you stand for and amazing things will start to happen and your desire will align to the right things and you will find you will be attracting the people, tools and knowledge to acquire the desired level of success you dreamed of in your conscious and now sub conscious mind.

Patience is another key, its important because success does not move quickly in most cases. There is no such thing of getting rich quick. All the stories of people getting rich quick are very rare occurrences that seem to find there way into conversations around the world giving people false hope that if we buy a lottery ticket we win some day. If you look deep into the rich and famous you will find patterns and come to realize that no one made it overnight, it was from hard work, sharpening skills and dedication that made them who they are today.

Laziness and lack of skills are your worst enemy, if you are not practising or doing your studies then you will never see your dreams come true. Remember the key word “burning desire”, if your desire is not burning (branded into your life) then you are not on the correct path. It’s important to know exactly what you want, if your desire changes to many times nothing will manifest into a reality because you did not give it enough time to grow.

Faith is our best friend, if mankind could know this word and understand the power of it then we could literately do the impossible. Keep your idea to yourself, studies have shown that if we speak to others about our goals and dreams something occurs in our brain that feel like we have already accomplished that goal, so its best to keep to your self until you have really reached you don’t have time to waste by playing mind games with yourself. Faith helps us through these hard times of feeling alone, faith gives us strength and drive to we are on the right track even if the road is slow or bumpy.

Develop a plan for your burning desire because with out a precise plan you will sink before you ever see success. Don’t cut your self short and get rid of your ego. Find a successful mentor and try anything to move yourself forward and climb the latter. Watch videos, listen to tapes, talk to other business owners often. Humility will bring you to success faster then your ego will. Your ego will drown you, stall you, and make you think you made it when in reality you never even got started, be real with yourself and take criticism well, use it as a tool. The most successful businesses in the world listen to what the market or customers are telling them, that’s what makes them more successful.

The most important step of success is to give back when you finally make it. Giving back is what will keep you successful also knowing how to maintain your success will keep your dream going strong. One reason it takes so long to be successful from nothing is because your mind is work in progress, it’s similar to a boot camp to train you on all the aspects so you are fit to maintain that success. If you truly understand how you got to were you are headed you can do it again and again. That is why certain CEO’s are are snatched up by other companies often. They have a track record of success, and a methodology they have developed while walking through the muddy trenches.

Greed or big ego’s are a short lived success and will loose your wealth faster then you can blink, always be gracious, keep learning on the journey and give back to others often in a selfless secretive manner. Focus on people who can really use your help, the underdog is usually a good start. Underdogs work harder and will be very grateful for the opportunity and in many cases will be your best and most valuable assets.

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