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Godaddy Hosting Service Review

A deep peek into Godaddy’s world-class customer service, web hosting, security, email, and domain services.

Godaddy is a big player in digital real estate/online web presence; they offer domains, hosting, private servers, site malware protection, SSL, Email services and much more. Godaddy actually offers countless more products they do not advertise. So if you are in need of something not listed on the website just call them and ask you will be surprised at what they can offer your business. Over the years, Godaddy has made an enormous impact across the globe and has assisted many small-mid and large sized business. Godaddy also has a vast stockpile of helpful tips and articles and an award-winning customer team available 24/7 who will go above and beyond; you can practically hear them smile and feel their dedication and excitement over the phone.

General Overview

Since the explosion of the web people have been looking to one-stop web solution companies like GoDaddy. With little knowledge of server management, SSL or WordPress GoDaddy has many tools and support staff that takes care of all that if you do not know how to do it yourself. Being a small-mid size business owner, you just want to focus on growing your business not updating your PHP or Apache versions. Godaddy makes this possible. In as little as a few hours you can have a website up and running and if you do not have any coding experience and you cannot afford a web designer/developer you can use website builder tool/templates with no experience at all. If you are a little more advanced, you can and may prefer to install WordPress and use the many thousands of free themes for WordPress in the WordPress repository. We definitely prefer WordPress over website builder, but it is also a little more hands on. With WordPress, there are so many options, and it is way more versatile with thousands of themes and plugin options to choose from that can grow with your business over time. If you are familiar with management your own server Godaddy does offer dedicated hosting packages and virtual private server (VPN) server packages. They even have a reseller (white label) program so you can resell GoDaddy products under your own logo and company name. Lots of domain and hosting providers online you come across are just reselling Godaddy’s products. When you call into those companies, you are actually calling Godaddy’s customer service. Recently they offer Pro accounts this is where you can manage multiple clients GoDaddy accounts from your account this is ideal for web administrators who oversee many websites for clients. These are just a few cool things Godaddy has to offer.

Domains and Hosting

Every company is very similar when it comes to domains and hosting; you just need to pretty much find the best price when it comes to domains. Godaddy often has $.99 domains deals and coupons, so this is a really great price. Also with some hosting packages, you get a free domain with a new account. Hosting always boils down to your needs; We found that GoDaddy covers a lot of general needs and may advanced needs also and they are always evolving as technology advances. Hosting from Godaddy is fast, secure and from a trusted provider with many years being an industry leader and now they are a public traded company, so that brings, even more, pressure to make sure they are on top of their game to be industry leaders. Being so big they can offer great prices and coupons.

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Customer Service and Uptime

Just starting out on the web? All you will probably need is an economy shared hosting plan; you can host one site on this plan, it is very affordable and robust. As your business grows, you may need more sites, so a simple upgrade to deluxe will enable you to host as many sites as you desire. As you grow even further and your company changes you may need to upgrade to other plans that fit your needs. With Godaddy, you can upgrade with an easy phone call, and it will not interrupt your service or site at all. You can increase resources if you need to in case your traffic is growing any time also. It is very rare to see a website not working because of hosting issues with Godaddy, They promise 99.9% up time, and we have found that to be very true. If you do find any issues with your related products, a phone call to customer service is all that’s needed. Most reps are very well rounded, but it is important to make sure you contact the correct department as those reps have a more specialized experience to handle certain issues that may arise. When talking with a rep let them know your skill level so they can understand you also, the more you communicate, the better your situation can be resolved. Godaddy customer service has won multiple awards over the years, and they take this very seriously.

Special Offers

Godaddy is notorious for having sweet coupons and deals for saving as high as 40% on new purchases. This is a huge advantage when you are a new customer because you can use these coupons to lock in huge saving. For example, if you purchase five years of hosting and a domain you can apply that 25 – 40% off those five years which is a killer deal. In this article, we will provide coupons for you to use to keep your web costs low the longer out your purchase in advance the more you can save and also modern search engines like to see that you will be around for a while and may rank you better for longer commitments. With a great company like GoDaddy, you can rest assured that you will not be wasting money buying 5 – 10 years of service in advance. If you need to change a product or upgrade they can just adjust your account, so it is a no-brainer. Now when it is time to renew your service you can call Godaddy, and they can apply a discount/promo to your renewal. The more products you have with them, the more you can save. When it comes to running an online business saving money and low overhead is the key to your success. Also only having one company to call is also key especially if your less tech savvy because when you start mixing services, not all companies will give you the proper support using all types of unsupported third-party services and it can become a big mess fast.


A great thing not many people know about GoDaddy is they offer up to 500 free email accounts that comes with a Cpanel/Linux hosting package, that is a huge saving if you have a need for that many emails. Also, those emails have unlimited space as much as your hosting can handle and you can backup your entire server including the emails. The only downside to hosting emails on the same server as your site is if you get too many people at one time on the site and your resources are maxing out then that could delay your emails also or in some cases make them unreceived or undelivered. If you require more reliable email services you can get business unlimited workspace email that is on its own email server it is not advertised on the site anymore, but they still offer it, just call and ask. It is more reliable but will cost you money each year to have. The next option will be Office 365 by Microsoft. It is even more pricey than the workspace email, but it is very secure with countless advanced features.


Something many people do not really think of is website security. Godaddy offers malware protection to make sure hijackers do not take your site, and it will block them from attempting anything suspicious. It also prevents malware from being installed causing malicious attacks and helping prevent your site from being blacklisted or banned from modern search engines. This is amazing for the less savvy also its a worry free tool to make sure you do not get hurt, and your hard work goes unharmed. To complement this addon is website backups. Built in the Cpanel hosting there a manual server backup tool, and if you install WordPress with the free WordPress install tool in CPanel, there is a feature to save seven days worth of backups of your WordPress site this feature is highly recommended. If you are not using WordPress and/or you will forget to make frequent manual backups you can purchase a backup tool to save a backup each day for very little cost per year. Backups are great in case someone hijacks your site you can restore it to a previous version or in case you mess up something you can revert to a working version.


If you are a serious WordPress user you can get a special hosting package for WordPress, it offers robust speeds for the demanding tasks WordPress required sometimes. It uses SSD hard drives and is specially equipped for WordPress. Other hosting packages can handle WordPress, but if you are scaling your site to have many daily active users and operate a heavy WordPress configuration like a large e-commerce shop, it is recommended to use a managed WordPress hosting plan. If you are just starting out with a new website the economy hosting will do just fine, but as you scale up and get more users, a managed WordPress package will make your site even faster and better. The SSD hard drives that run on managed WordPress servers help lots with quicker page loads. Right now the managed WordPress hosting is the only hosting Godaddy offers with SSD hard drives in the more affordable hosting solutions. However, we predict shortly SSD will be on all packages.


Godaddy offers many levels of SSL security, the install is actually very easy with GoDaddy if you are applying it to your default domain, and if you do get lost, they will gladly help you over the phone and even do it for you if your prefer. SSL is becoming so important because at some point shortly people will not even browse a website that is not entirely SSL protected. Google has already started showing web surfers which sites are secure and which are not on the search result page. This trend of only using secure pages will catch on very fast, and anyone without SSL security will suffer and stop getting traffic. Even if you do not accept credit cards on your site, you should really still consider SSL to keep logins and contact form requests information safe and to maximize your search engine visibility as being secure. If your competitors are not using SSL, this can be a quick tweak for you to gain rank over them.

Specials And Coupons

We have searched high and low to find you fantastic deals from Godaddy below. Take a look something might be just right for your needs. If you require additional information just email us, we can point you in the right direction.

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Deal 1. Save approximately 82% off regular price economy hosting which includes a free domain for one year. This is perfect for anyone jumping into a brand new website or moving from another provider. It is almost impossible to find quality hosting and domain from a world-class hosting provider for under $20 for the first year with a domain!

30%* off! The products you love at a price that loves you back!

Deal 2. Save 30% on all new products. This can be used to save money on any product, so if you are looking to save some money using this coupon on multi-year purchases. Say you want hosting and a domain and it costs 100 per year each year, applies this and saves $150 over five years bulk purchase. Also, say you want a buy SSL, and it costs $100 you can get $30 off.

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

Deal 3. $.99 USD per domain. If you are looking for many domains, this is the coupon to use.

$1*/ mo WordPress hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Deal 4. Basic Managed WordPress hosting for $1 USD per month. Fast and reliable WordPress hosting.

Lightning fast hosting for a shockingly low price! 50% off GoDaddy Hosting plans

Deal 5. 50% off deluxe and ultimate hosting packages. Deal 1. is for the economy one site hosting but this is for deluxe and ultimate hosting packages.

Note: Prices, packages, and coupons expire and change often so please double check first. We will try our best to keep them updated!

Final Thoughts

The internet of things, e-commerce, apps, blogs, corporate sites, magazines and just general information websites are at record highs, and this is not slowing down anytime soon. We thought it would only make sense to share some incite on the products and services Godaddy offers!

Check back often as we will be updating this post frequently.

The Breakdown

Overall great products. If any issues do arise customer service resolved fast. Web sites are relatively fast with little to no downtime. Other products from Godaddy are also high quality and the price is very reasonable.
Support 9.0
Quality 8.0
Easy to use 7.0
Will recommend to a friend 10.0
Speed 7.5
Secure 10.0
Customer service reps are rockstars, very knowledgeable. Products are well priced on initial purchase. All products are under one roof for easy to manage web solutions. They are always introducing new products and maintaining the workflow and dashboard for ease of use.
Some advanced features are often hidden or hard to find. Renewal prices can be pricey if you don't call for discount. Wish they offered SSD for all hosting plans. When a support rep does not know how to address an issue, you may have to call back to find someone who knows more.
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