How to Get Noticed for Jobs When Graduating From High School

How to Get Noticed for Jobs When Graduating From High School

One of the biggest challenges faced by many high school graduates is finding a good job. This could be due to the fact that most companies require individuals with professional experience. If you are a recent high school grad looking for a job, there are some things that you can do to get your application noticed, score your first job interview, and finally, get hired. Let’s take a look.


Open Yourself to Multiple Job Options

Try not to limit yourself to specific types of jobs. Remember that finding a job is not easy, especially if you are a high school grad with no experience. If you are desperate for money, be more open-minded when it comes to job options. Be more flexible so that you have more opportunities to apply for. If you get an offer from a company that is not your first choice, then you should give it a chance as it may turn out a lot better than you expected.


Check the Regulations

Because of your age, your choices of jobs and hours may be limited. If you are under eighteen, then you should check the Child Labor Law regulations to make sure that you understand which jobs you are qualified for and which ones you are not. In other words, check whether the job you are applying accepts applicants younger than eighteen to save yourself time.


Obtain Working Papers If Necessary

In some states, workers under the age of eighteen may be required to get working papers, which are officially known as “Employment/Age Certificates.” If the state you live in requires these documents, then you must provide them to your employer once you are hired.


Write an Impressive Resume

Some employers may not require a resume from applicants. However, a resume can help distinguish you from others. Although you may not have enough information or experience to include, a resume still demonstrates your determination. It also shows that you take your job search seriously. There are many free templates available online nowadays that you can easily download to help get started on your first resume. Make sure that you include some great skills on your resume to impress your potential employers, but be careful not to overexaggerate!


Build Up Your Work Experience

If you want to gain some experience before building your way up toward better jobs, you can start by working for your neighbors or friends. Mowing lawns, babysitting, pet sitting, house cleaning, and many others can all be included in your resume. More importantly, these people you have worked for can also give you a reference when you apply for jobs as well.


Spread the Word About Your Job Search

When job hunting, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to advertise your job search. By spreading the word that you are looking for a job, your friends or relatives may tell you about some opening positions that you can apply for. If you are lucky, your next employer may even contact you directly and recruit you for the job.

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