Innofader Pro 2 Review 2016

Attention all DJ’s the most powerful DJ crossfader has finally landed on planet earth! The Innofader Pro 2.

The Innofader Pro 2 crossfader has addressed many major issues DJ’s have been faced with for countless years. It is truly a cure-all crossfader. This revolutionary device was designed by the one and only Elliot Marx from Audio Innovate.

Elliot has been in the game for many years now working on some amazing DJ tools and assisting huge names with designs and innovations throughout the DJ world. Elliot has overseen and engineered one of the most powerful DJ tools on the planet “The Innofader”.

After many years of helping customers, quality control testing, trials, tribulations and analyzing sound clips down to the nanosecond, Elliot has truly outdone himself on his latest flagship creation “The Innofader Pro 2”.

The Innofader Pro 2 tackles every issue a modern DJ can throw at it. It was designed for the perfectionist. Whether you are a bedroom DJ just looking for a smooth crossfader to improve your scratch skills or if you are a seasoned pro smashing a huge festival stage alongside a Grammy award winning pop star you should invest in the Innofader Pro 2.

The Innofader Pro 2 comes with 25 presets to tweak the Innofader to an exact precision unlike any DJ crossfader known to man. The lifecycle is insane and rated at 4 million cycles. The response time is approx 1.2 milliseconds. The faders flow is super smooth (like butter) and can be tweaked to be more fluid or tighter whichever you desire.

The Innofader Pro 2 has been redesigned, and one of the new noticeable features is the fader itself has a special shield on the back, so there is no interference with other parts of the mixer. The adapter board has also been redesigned into 17 mixer specific adapter boards, making it easier to fit into many mixers and way cleaner to install. The adapter boards all have insulation on them, so they do not interfere with other components in your mixer. All in all its super clean and very stylish when mounted into your DJ mixer.

The Innofader Pro 2 can be set to 0 mm lag and adjusted upward to about 3.8 mm. As you know, this is an incredible tool for any scratch DJ. This fader can accommodate most DJ mixers and simply turn a $200 budget mixer into a $800 + mixer with a simple install of an Innofader Pro 2 and possibly an Innojuster. If you run into any snags along the way, Elliot and his team will be standing by to address any problems. The customer service is some of the best in the audio gear industry. Elliot has gone as far as replicating a situation just to help a customer solve an issue. Elliot has also been known to ship in customers mixers to his office to resolve issues that he has not yet came across.

If you are looking for a crossfader that is smooth as butter “like a Penny and Giles” but can be fine tuned to accommodate any DJ preference, you must own this crossfader. If you want to take it a step further and do custom adjustments after installing the Innofader Pro 2, all you need to do is purchase an additional piece called the Innojuster. This device sits outside the mixer and can calibrate preset settings, add a reverse switch feature to a mixer with no crossfader reverse switch and add cut in and curve controls to mixers that do not have any or not very good controls.

Another fantastic feature for the Innofader Pro 2 is that you can go as far as adjusting the cut in lag (dead space) on the left and right side at different settings if you desire. The possibilities are endless. We set out and had our experts test the Innofader for mixing, scratching and studio use and found that it fit the bill for all uses. The Innojuster was super helpful to make changes on the fly in live environments especially if you are a scratch DJ and do live shows while mixing and scratching. The Innofader Pro 2 can also be used as a line fader on select DJ mixers this is huge news to any DJ, who would love to get innovative with line fader functionality as well.

The only setback we discovered was the instructions for the Innofader Pro 2 were a bit hard to grasp at first for all the new and improved settings and features compared to the Innofader Pro. Once you dive in and work with it a bit, it becomes second nature. Something we would like to see in the future would be a simple step by step quick start video showcasing the most typical setup scenarios. We have heard that a video will be coming soon. You can get the Innofader, and Innojuster installed in about one and a half hours. The settings and tweaking could take you a few minutes as long as you understand the instructions and know what you what to achieve.

You can grab an Innofader Pro 2 and Innojuster for under $200, and it is worth the investment hands down! Make sure you visit to confirm your mixer is compatible with this device. Elliot has also gone as far as creating mod kits and other versions of the Innofader to fit the needs of many mixers. If you have any questions you can contact the Audio Innovate support team and they will be happy to address you. Happy mixing!

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