Juicing For Weight Loss And Energy

Juicing for weight loss and energy
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Juicing is a fun and tasty way to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Celebrities, the wealthy and athletes have been juicing for decades. Juicing helps fight against obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Juicing makes it easy to get a instant blast of nutrients into our cells on a daily basis. Let’s be honest it’s hard to eat all that we should eat to stay healthy, so juicing is essential for an everyday balanced diet. You know what they say “an apple a day keep the doctor away”, so just imagine what a juice or two can do.

Juicing has been known to reduce stress, revitalize energy, help children grow strong and adults maintain youthful strong healthy bodies. Juicing for just a month everyday can aid in weight loss. The average human holds about 15lbs of gunk in the body and juicing attacks this harmful waste matter and flushes it out of us. Juicing everyday will keep it out and make our skin smoother, hair softer and provide much needed energy for our busy lives.

Juicing is best if you do it a minimum once a day or once before every meal you eat. Juicing is not a diet it’s a lifestyle it’s like exercising you need to do it often or the benefits will be lost. Juicing machines are not expensive and you can buy a good machine for around $60 and fresh produce is a reasonable price and a lot cheaper than bottles of processed vitamins and supplement. You can also take the juicer fibre’s and add them to your compost garden system and put them back into your flowers and food garden, it’s really a wonderful thing all around.

This is a great all around juicing recipe to start with.

Take fresh produce and wash it. You can spray some vinegar to give it a better clean than just using water itself. Rinse well, cut off any bad looking parts of the produce. The colder the produce the colder your juice will be.

2 apples

3 or 4 carrots

Handful of spinach

Slice of ginger

½ a lemon or lime

1 full beat

½ or a full sweet potato

2 celery sticks

a stock of broccoli

you could even add a handful of strawberry’s to sweeten it up

Feel free to experiment and subtract or add things. The wonderful thing about juicing is the freedom you have. Do whatever makes you happy. Enjoy!

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