The Best Water Is Spring Water!

Natural spring water
Photo by: Susanne Nilsson

Water is water… Right?

After reading many articles, diving into countless research papers, case studies and engaging in many taste tests the short answer is no. Water is so much more then just simply water.

Water is truly a gift from nature. Water was intended to be as pure and perfect as possible. Man made water devices in most cases change the structure of the water molecules. Our body does not benefit from certain types of water the way nature intended, leaving us dehydrated even know we drink lots of water.

From the many options we have available today too consume water, its safe to say natural spring water from a true source is simply the best water we can drink in this modern day and age. Tap water is treated with chemicals and can contain traces of medication from human waste, reverse osmosis water has been stripped from all essential nutrients as well as distilled water leaving spring water the best of all.

Now we have all heard terrible stories and read articles about companies using tap water and marketing it as spring water. Some countries have strict rules about spring water and Canada is a great example. Many people don’t know this but Canada has some of the best natural spring water sources in the world.

Since Canada is not as densely populated as some countries, there are many places untouched by industrial pollution, chemical spills, pesticides and all the harmful man made waste that surrounds large populated areas.

Always make sure you read any bottled water labels too find out what natural spring the water comes from. Do your due diligence and find water test reports on that specific spring and it wouldn’t hurt calling the company to find out as much info as possible. We spend good money on fine wines and 12 year old scotch so why is water any different?

Spring water is jam packed with many trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients. These nutrients are from the earth itself and are perfectly balanced by nature. Our body was always intended to drink this type of water from nature.

Since our body is made up of mostly water its very important we drink the right water to maximize our health and re-vitalize our cells.

If you are worried about plastic waste you can always acquire glass bottles that some high end spring water providers make available in 3-5 gallon sizes made for water coolers. You can also recycle or buy reusable jugs.

People who drink the right water have softer hair, smoother skin, they heal quickly and recover from injuries faster. Nutrients are the key to looking and feeling younger. The beauty products we buy are jammed with vitamins and nutrients so it only makes sense to drink natures natural vitamins and nutrients also.

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