Low Oil Prices Equals Big Savings

low oil prices are they here to stay
Photo by: Paul Lowry

 Recent speculation of low oil prices helped earnings reports for some companies.

Recently we seen airline stocks report good earnings even know airlines were troubled in the last quarter with the Ebola issues. These earnings reports revealed tremendous fuel savings due to the extreme drop in oil prices. Some of these stocks are still making higher highs a week after the reports.

Other companies that rely on fuel can be expected to also benefit from lower fuel costs such as trucking companies, freight shipping, cruise lines, cargo and passenger trains just to name a few.

The markets and economy are said to be volatile because the uncertainty in oil prices but some traders believe there is still some creative ways to make money with declining oil prices this earnings season.

Oil is trading at $44 dollars a barrel today that’s approximately half of what it was trading for just three months ago. If prices stay this low the next earnings reports could show another great return for investors looking to play companies who use large amounts of fuel in daily operations.

On another note, make sure you fill up and take advantage of the current fuel prices for your personal use or business. No one is certain on what the future holds for oil but we should make the best of the situation and save some money while we can.

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