Reduce Lead In Your Tap Water

Reduce lead in your tap water
Photo by: Sonia Belviso

Lead free water is essential for our overall health and well being!

Tap water is consumed by everyone for drinking, cooking, bathing or even swimming. Lead in some cases lurks in our water supply and the best way to address this problem is to let your taps run for a little bit before you consume it. The longer water sits in the pipes the more lead it could contain. The pipes in your dwelling may not be made of lead but lead could be picked up on its journey through the pipes that connect your dwelling to the water supply system.

If you plan to be away from your home for a long period of time its best to run the taps to flush your pipes when you return. This can assist in reducing the lead in your water supply. When we use water to brush our teeth in the morning or shower we naturally flush our system from any standing water over night. On a daily basis this should be good enough to make our water consist of less lead and safer to drink.

Today a large percentage of dwellings have some kind of water filter system at the main water supply to help reduce contaminants coming into the dwelling. These are usually installed by the owner of the dwelling and the filters need to be changed according to the detailed instruction on the filter replacement package. Another popular method is a carbon fiter jug system that can be put in the fridge reducing contaminants before we consume it. Some other popular methods are reverse osmosis and counter top filtration systems.

Another fact is that if you use only cold water to consume, you can dramatically reduce the amount of lead in the water. Hot water heaters are filled with containment from years of water sitting inside the unit being heated and not regularly flushed out. When you fill up a pot to cook with you should use cold water rather then hot, it will take a little bit longer to boil but it’s safer to consume than hot water from the tap. Especially keep this in mind when preparing baby formula for children.

We are lucky to have some of the best drinking water in the world but we still need to be aware of the possible impurities that lurk in all water supply’s. Our body depends greatly on water and it only makes sense to go the extra mile to hydrate with safe drinking water.

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