Juicing Recipe For Beginners

Juicing Recipe For Beginners

An easy, refreshing classic juicing recipe!

Take some fresh produce and wash it well. You can spray some vinegar to give it a better clean than just using water itself. Cut off any bad looking parts of the produce. Chop up the produce so it will fit into the machine easy. Keep in mind he colder the produce is when you juice it the colder your juice will be when you drink it. After you finish your juice a tall glass of water is a nice way to assist all the wonderful nutrients to enter your body faster.


2 apples

3 or 4 carrots

Handful of cherry tomatoes

Handful of spinach

Slice of ginger

Few slices of cucumber

½ a lemon, lime or grape fruit

1 full beat

½ or a full sweet potato

2 to 3 celery sticks

Handful of broccoli

You could even add a handful of strawberry’s, some orange or pineapple to sweeten it up a little.

Feel free to experiment with this juicing recipe. Add or subtract portions or other produce. Eventually, you will find a juicing recipe you truly love. The wonderful thing about juicing is the freedom you have to try new things. The main reason most people start on the journey of juicing is to enrich our health, energy and youthful glow. Juice as often as you can, consistency is key. The more frequent you juice over a long period of time is when you will really notice the transformation to your overall well being! Enjoy!

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