Tony Horton’s 10 min workout

In today’s world we are over whelmed with to many tasks, little or no extra time and health is becoming a back burner for many people. Diabetes is doubling  in citizens every year for quite some time now and the food we eat is not getting any fresher. Back in the old days we were hunters and we did not have the convenience of cars and air planes to transport us around. We did not have TV and computers to sit at all day and we had to walk miles just to get to the general store or school house.

Life today is very different, we have drive in food facilities, eCommerce stores that deliver to our door steps, we really need to get our physical fitness back into our daily schedules. Tony Horton the creator of P90X was on the Dr OZ show a few months ago, he and Dr. Oz did a simple ten minute workout that was captured and released on the Dr. Oz website after the broadcast. Tony Has many workout programs available on DVD if you are looking to take your fitness to the next step, this simple, short and free exercise will at least help you out to get something started for the new year.

For all that don’t know Tony he is funny and witty fitness guru, he has trained many celebrities over the years and has released many successful fitness programs on DVD. You wont need any fancy equiptment to do his exercises, just your body and a towel. Attached here is the link to this wonderful 10 Minuite workout. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon

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