Chalk marks the spot

Marketing and advertising can be a challenge today. Internet, radio and TV seem to be always the clear cut winner with any marketing campaign in this day and age. Some times we just need to sit back and think out of the box. Flyers on poles and handing out promo materials are good but it costs money to produce the material and get them on the poles or in the hands of the people. It also can be a problem with litter and creating extra rubbish in public places.

As you may have figured from the title of this article sidewalk or spray chalk can be a useful tool in marketing, you could gather a team and go hit every street corner of high traffic areas in your city with a link to your website or if you really want to get creative you could use a QR code stencil and place that on the sidewalks. This will wash out in the rain over time and not leave any rubbish in the city streets. It can be an interesting way to get people’s attention.

Spray chalk can be purchased in compressed cans or you could make your own by taking chalk and putting it in a spray bottle with water, or another mix could be flour, food coloring and water, but for durability and less moisture on your stencil the compressed can would be much better. The bright colors and unique site of this marketing tool can bring some serious amounts of traffic to your next campaign. Any shop with a vinyl or laser cutter can assist you in creating a professional stencil for chalk marketing.

Photo Credit: John Morgan

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