We Are What We Think

We are what we think

This is something we all know but often forget as we grow!

Now that we have your attention, it is a simple truth we are talking about really. The hardest part is making that truth into your new reality. In this world, we have witnessed in some form or another that anything is possible if you put your mind and dedication toward a particular goal.

One of the main reasons people do not reach their goals is because we give up before they root and start to sprout. As modern humans, we are inpatient and life is a fast lane. If you go back in history and think about the great ancient monuments that still stand today you will soon realize that they were not built over night, or years and in some cases centuries. Good things take time, and if we have faith, we will then see we can make any dream become a reality.

At birth we are born into an imperfect world, we are taught anger, fear and hate amongst other things. These teachings are not intended, but they are all around us from listening to parents, babysitters, television, movies, etc. We then take these bad habits and grow up with them thinking they are normal, thinking that this is the way life is.

When we think to ourself, we often say things such as; “I can’t do that”, “I’m not good enough”, “I do not have the money to go there”, “he or she is way out of my league”. The truth is we are what we think. Have you ever noticed when you are in the market to buy a car you see that car everywhere and maybe before you did not see it at all or not often. There is something profound about this that sadly goes unnoticed. We are truly manifesting that desirable object into our life without realizing it.

We often think “well I have a good job, and that is how I was able to get the car”, or “my brother works at the company who sold it to me, and I got a good deal”. This may be true, but we never focus on the fact that our mind and desires have pulled this object closer to us. If we used this way of thinking more often, we could change our lives overnight.

Children are very pure in their thinking, and they have vivid imaginations. Nothing can stop them from thinking they cannot do anything they put their minds too. If you watch a child, you will see the determination to walk, talk, grow and acquire many toys and experiences. Us adults need to take notes from our kids because they have mastered something special, something we all have forgotten. We are what we think.

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