Top 10 First Date Tips

Top 10 first date tips

The first date is great, but a second date is even better!

Our team has compiled a top 10 first date tips to help you win over your next date. Let’s be honest, the first date is a crucial moment, and it is an evaluation process. It is a time to get to know someone and make a big decision of if it is OK to move forward with this new person. We all love the glamor and memories of a dreamy first date; it is something that can stay with us forever. People will often ask a couple, how did you first meet? If you follow the tips below, you are more likely to be in the position to answer that question in the future!

1. Stay off your phone and don’t smoke.

The most annoying thing is when you spend money and time getting ready and are looking forward to getting to know someone on your first date, and they cannot stop using their phone. This is very disrespectful, and what you are saying to the person, is that you have no interest in them, and you could be doing other important things. Also, don’t go for a cigarette. If your date smokes too and you go together, then that is fine. You do not want to leave your date sitting alone waiting. This could give someone else the opportunity to get your dates attention. This shows that you have self-control and that you respect your date more than your habits.

2. Never discuss past relationships.

Let the past be the past. Old relationships are not a good conversation starter. They open too many doors and may bring your date to an end quickly. You want people to get to know you, and not focus on your past. If you can avoid this awkward conversation, you are on the path to landing the second date.

3. Do not go home with your date.

Since this is the first date, and you are trying to figure out if you are compatible with someone, it is an awful idea to go home with someone. This date is intended to find lifelong love, not a cheap thrill. If you do not respect yourself, no one else will either.

4. Don’t over drink.

The last thing you want as a memory is no memory at all. Over drinking can dissolve any chance for a second date and embarrass you for eternity. Over drinking can also cause you to make the other mistakes listed in this list. Every few drinks have a glass of water in between; make sure you eat before you drink, even if it is a little snack before you head out. Also, don’t forget to have an appetizer if the food will take long to arrive. Enjoy some dessert and coffee after your meal, rather than another drink. Spacing out your drinks will help you not to get tipsy.

5. Don’t make up things, just be yourself.

The worst thing someone can do is tarnish themselves by not being truthful. Making up places you have been or the job you have will only hurt you in the long run. Telling lies is not a good way to lay a rock-solid foundation with a new person that could potentially be your soul mate. Not to mention, you could get caught quickly and might not recover from that lie. Throwing away a fresh situation is a terrible mistake. Just be yourself and attract people who will value you for being you.

6. Don’t be late.

It is not a wise move to be late. You are simply saying to them that you do not care about this date and the time you have to spend with this person. It is a smart move to be early since sometimes traffic is heavy especially heading downtown. Make it a habit of leaving early and arriving on time. If you are going to be late for any reason, then you should call and let your date know.

7. Polish up, because your first impression is important.

The first impression is a lasting impression. You might be evaluating someone without even knowing it subconsciously. It is always nice to have trimmed nails, clean clothes with no wrinkles, and a fresh haircut. Little details matter to some people, so it is best to arrive as polished as can be.

8. Be polite and use your manners.

During the date, don’t just talk about yourself. Try to listen and be excited to get to know your date. Ask questions and engage in the conversation. People like a good listener, but it is important to respond to what you are listening to. Always be polite and thankful, talk with respect, don’t chat about touchy topics like politics, and if you notice something is bothering someone, change the subject to something else. Another common mistake people make is they swear, it may be because they feel comfortable with you or just because they swear a lot. Whatever the reason, don’t fall into this trap and avoid swearing by any means.

9. Check your ego at the door.

The most annoying thing about a person is an ego. People with egos are hard to deal with, hard to talk to and hard to spend time with. Being around this could make your date feel uncomfortable. Focus on being humble, down to earth and caring. Put others ahead of yourself and be a team, player. When it is all said and done, a long-lasting relationship requires teamwork.

10. Study and be positive.

It is always good to explore and understand any topic you want to embark upon, so nothing changes with dating. Research wines and exotic foods, practice and polish your dinner etiquette. Work on having a pleasing personality. Always keep a positive attitude and try your hardest to make this date develop into a second date. Watch for signals to make sure your date is having a good time and feels comfortable. Keep in mind the first date is the one people remember for a lifetime.

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