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A must read for aspiring actors and models

A few basic tips for aspiring actors and models.

The internet has made the entertainment industry a keystroke away. We have access to amazing platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and much more. There is an app for everything and many free places to find undiscovered talent like never before.

The first thing is to find like-minded people on social media or other websites that share similar interests. Build and network with them. In the entertainment industry, you have to know people to get your career moving.

Build an alliance team and support each other. Find a photographer and get some fresh photos done. You can find people who are in school that may need to build up a portfolio. Get yourself a collection of fantastic photos and headshots.

Keep in touch with people from your past. That dude who was in school for film may someday be significant or know someone who is.

If you are an aspiring actor, you may want to find someone who dabbles with short films as a hobby and has a decent camera. Shoot some small projects together, post them online using sites like Vimeo or Youtube. Also, you can try to get in some local music videos or TV commercials promoting products for businesses. Post ads on classified sites and let your community know you are willing to work for free to get experience.

The more experience you get, the more a Hollywood producer or director may take a chance on you and your talent. Surround yourself with people who are going places, on the internet and in your city. Join performing arts clubs. Practice acting, facial expressions, using your emotion to sell the part. Find your strong angles and review your work often to know what works and what doesn’t. Practice in the mirror and perfect your craft.

When you finally get a beautiful collection of photos and/or videos, place them in a digital portfolio and message producers, directors, talent agency’s, casting directors, music artists, managers. Don’t give up, email them your web link until you get someone’s attention!

If you can come up with a viral video even better because you can become famous from that overnight, then many people will know who you are fast, and that is half the battle.

Pretty much everything mentioned above you can do free, but it will take time, nothing happens overnight. Just stick with it and everything will fall into place. That is the secret to life in retrospect. Positive thinking and taking the steps to make it happen in most cases will yield desirable results. Be and think your dreams as often as you can.

Last but not least always align yourself with the right people and being in the right places at the right time always helps. Keep up the good work, your first step was finding this article. Now go break a leg.

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