The Benefits of Kombucha

The Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha has become an essential beverage among health enthusiasts. Also known as “mushroom tea,” kombucha is fermented by a colony of bacteria and yeast that react to create a mushroom-like mass on top of the tea. After fermentation, kombucha becomes slightly fizzy with a vinegary smell and sour taste. At the end of the brewing process, fruit juice and other flavors may be added to kombucha to make the flavor more pleasant to drink. Kombucha is known for its alleged health benefits, particularly its probiotic benefits. Listed down below are some of the supposed benefits of kombucha:

Detoxes the Body

Kombucha is filled with enzymes and bacterial acids that are believed to help with natural detoxification. Gluconic acid found in kombucha, in particular, can bind to toxins to help eliminate them from the body.

Boosts Digestive Health

It has been found that organic acids, polyphenols, enzymes, and probiotics found in kombucha can contribute to a healthy digestive system and relieve an upset stomach. As probiotics are known for being “good gut bacteria,” it can help provide relief from digestive problems, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, and constipation. A normal human body has around three to five pounds of good bacteria and microbes known as the microbiome. The microbiome can be exhausted by stress, alcohol, antibiotics, and other detrimental organisms. If you want to help the body replenish these good gut bacteria, drinking kombucha is one easy way to do it.

Improves the Immune System

It is no secret that a healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system. That is because the immune system is believed to be closely linked to the living organisms in your gut. After drinking kombucha, the good bacteria that you gain can help promote the immune system. Probiotics from fermented foods which have been extracted from the fermentation process can boost your natural defenses against harmful microbes and certain illnesses. If your natural microbiome is depleted, microbes that are responsible for ailments such as ulcers, diabetes, or cancer can start to settle in. In addition to probiotics, kombucha also contains DSL and vitamin C, both of which can fight off inflammatory diseases, tumors, cell damage, and other problems.

Prevents Arthritis

Glucosamine is another potent compound found in kombucha. This compound can prevent and treat all forms of arthritis. Moreover, glucosamines can boost the production of hyaluronic acid, which may help to prevent cartilage and ease pain caused by arthritis.

Reduces Your Cancer Risk

According to research from Nature International Weekly Journal of Science, the microbiome contain anti-cancer properties. These live microorganisms can be found in some kombuchas, which can help to strengthen our natural defenses against some types of cancer and free radicals. Also, Lactobacillus type microbes found in some kombuchas may be able to activate your natural cancer-killing cells as well. Glucaric acid is another important compound found in kombucha that may also help lower your risk of cancer.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several health benefits that kombucha can offer. If you want to boost your immune system as well as reduce your risk of many health issues and cancer, adding kombucha to your diet is one of the easiest ways to do it.

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