Juggling Multiple Businesses

Juggling Multiple Businesses

A simple 4 step process to help maximize productivity while juggling multiple businesses.

Every day is a challenge when managing your time to run any business, especially if you run multiple businesses simultaneously. With the growing potential of technology and the internet of things, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not have the time needed for multitasking efficiently. This simple step by step process is straightforward and can be easily applied to your everyday workflow.

1. Make the road map

Write down on a good copy of letter or even better legal size paper the seven days of the week stacked on top of each other and draw a line in-between each day evenly with a ruler.

2. Find the ones to focus on

Say you have about five businesses altogether, but only three make real good money. This step we want to concentrate on the businesses that make good money today.

Write on a separate scrap sheet of paper the most important businesses you run that make you the most money today. An example is; you have an e-commerce store selling hats, a pie making business, and a yoga studio.

Now figure out which day(s) would be best for each business to operate on, be creative in your thinking and be truthful and painfully realistic. Now write this on your good copy you made for step one when you think you have good it just right.

An example might be Monday and Wednesday you will have the yoga studio open. Tuesday and Friday you focus on marketing and fulfilling orders for the e-commerce store. Thursday and Saturday you work on making the pies and delivering them to clients. Sunday you do nothing but relax and spend time with family, friends and recharge your brain.

Take your time and tweak your weekly schedule as needed until it is perfect and works well with your life and situations. Make sure it is highly visible each and every day to remind you which business to focus on that day.

3. Make a priority list each morning

Next step is you will want to make a prioritized checklist for each day. Spend 20 minutes every morning making this list. The checklist is an imperative step because it will make sure you are not spending an enormous amount of time on things that do nothing for your bottom line.

The things you want to list first are going to be the things that yield the most money. Other things might seem significant but if they do not make money you should put them further down on the list.

Don’t move onto the next task until you completed each task on the list in a priority sequence. Many highly successful business owners tackle all the hard slugging tasks first then move onto the simpler and less important tasks last. Another thing you can try is when your work day is over you could do some of the less important things at home on your personal time like; answering email, organizing your bookkeeping, etc.

4. Repeat and perfect

Once you have tested perfected this template you will notice a huge change in your effectiveness and more money will start coming in across all your focused businesses. Remember always to keep things simple and not overwhelm yourself going forward.

If you are one of the few, who has committed to this life changing process you could witness a change in as little as 14-30 days.

The most important part is getting into the routine of this process and sticking to it daily for an extended period. Once you are in this routine, you can get more creative with your scheduling and planning as needed. Commitment is the key.

Final thoughts

The problem with having too much on your plate is the important things get pushed back and most times are forgotten completely. This simple time management process will keep you current on all the important money making tasks you have to deal with each day for each business.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder every day when we sit at our desk. Writing things down and planning our week and day may be a dreadful process but it will save us valuable time in the long run.

Do you feel you have too much going on, and you are being pulled from every angle and not giving the time needed to any one venture that makes you real money? You may want to consider cutting ties with other ventures and mainly putting your focus on the ones that make you most happy and earns you the most money. As you build more capital and a steady client base, you might consider scaling and hiring more people to assist you. The sky is the limit.

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