Different Ways to Make Your Clothes Look New Again

Different Ways to Make Your Clothes Look New Again

Many people are tempted to invest in a wardrobe overhaul as forgotten, and worn-out clothes make up most of the space. Before going out and blowing a paycheck for a set of new garments, some of your outdated garments may have the potential to be part of your next favorite ensemble!

However, reinventing your wardrobe can seem daunting, but a few clever tricks are enough to give your old tired clothes a new life. After all, the key to looking stylish is to learn how to make the most of what you’ve already got. With that in mind, we’re here to guide you on how to revamp your clothes and make them look as good as new. The result often feels like introducing new apparel to your wardrobe, all without breaking the bank!

Tip #1: Tailoring Clothes

Tailoring your clothes is a cost-effective way to transforming the whole cut, seams, and how the fabric will fit your frame. The price of tailored pieces ranges from $10 to $100, depending on what section of clothing you want to alter. This is an excellent option for replacing faded buttons with crisp and new ones or even change the style of clothing altogether. For instance, you can have your local tailor turn a pair of straight-leg jeans into skinny ankle pants to modernize the look. For only a friendly price, you’ll be coming home with a wholly reinvented garment.

Tip #2: Restore Brightness of Fabrics Using Salt

If you feel your clothes are looking lackluster in appearance, the culprit behind its faded look may be due to detergent buildup. Fortunately, you can quickly bring back its brightness by adding salt to your regular wash. This helps break down the residue and can effectively deliver a pop of color back to your old clothes, making them look good as new in just a single washing at home.

Tip #3: Play Around with Dye

If you’re tired of your plain tops and find their initial color no longer brings excitement to your wardrobe, you can spruce it up by changing their hue using dye. It’s an excellent way to update worn clothes and keep them up to date with fresh, trendy colors. You don’t have to stick to solid pigments too – if you want to experiment with patterns, tie-dying is a fun and effective way to add a new flair to used garments.

Tip #4: Wear it in a New Way

Clothes can be worn in more ways than one, so long as you don’t let the original seams box you in. For instance, you can instantly repurpose a dress that’s just dusting away in your closet by turning it into a skirt. If you don’t want to play around with shears and want a more straightforward approach, you can experiment with different styles by matching dresses over slim pants and adding a statement belt to give it a fresh look.

Tip #5: Keep the Structure Crisp using Starch

The properties of starch have an uncanny ability to reinvigorate clothing by binding the fabric fibers together and bringing back its fresh crispness. Adding starch to your ironing routine allows it to serve as a barrier against stains, increase the longevity of the fabric, and reduce fraying, as well as make it look like it’s newly bought off-the-rack!


Your old clothes don’t have to make you look like you’ve been wearing the same thing for a decade. With our tips, you’ll be able to keep them looking fresh and new!

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