8 Benefits Yoga Has For Your Mind and Body

8 Benefits Yoga Has For Your Mind and Body

If you’re thinking of training your flexibility and strength, you’ve probably thought about yoga. Yoga is an excellent workout, and anyone who has the will to learn this can do it! While some yoga is all about relaxation, other types focus on poses, known as asanas. However, all of them come with great benefits! Here are seven benefits you can enjoy when doing yoga:


1 – Improves Flexibility

Yoga stretches your muscles, allowing you to feel less stiff and move more freely. At any level of yoga, many people notice benefits quite early on. According to one research, people have seen an improvement after eight weeks of yoga, an increase of 35 percent in flexibility.


2 – Builds Strength

There are different types of yoga; some are very physical while there are also less vigorous ones. Physical yoga, such as power yoga, builds on your muscles. Yoga such as Hatha, which is less rigorous, can strengthen your body. Different poses such as downward dog and plank will improve your upper-body strength. As for standing poses, those will train your abs, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The upward dog and chair pose can help strengthen your lower back. If done right, all of these poses will contribute to your core strength.


3 – Better Breathing

In yoga, your physical strength isn’t only trained. Usually, your breathing is controlled to help you relax, and at times, you may need to practice a breathing technique. Most of the time, yoga isn’t aerobic unless it is very intense or done in a warm place. Yogic breathing, known as pranayama, trains your breathing with particular exercises and techniques.


4 – Creates Better Posture

The stronger and more flexible you get, the better your posture. Most poses that require you to stand and sit helps develop your core strength. These core muscles are also what helps you to stand straight and tall. When you do yoga, you become more aware of your body. This enables you to notice any poor posture, and that allows you to start improving right away.


5 – Promotes Better Eating Habits

Intuitive eating is a concept that tells you to pay attention to the moment when you’re eating. It’s about focusing on the experience while you eat: the smells, tastes, textures, thoughts, feelings, and sensations from the meal. This practice has proven to promote better eating habits and can help you control your blood sugar, lose weight, and solve eating disorders. As yoga promotes mindfulness, it makes sense that yoga will develop healthy eating habits.


6 – Feel Calmer

Yoga melts away the stress in your mind and gives you a sense of peace. Some yogas utilizes meditation techniques that will help you calm down. With focused breathing, your brain produces less cortisol, a hormone that promotes stress.


7 – Healthy For Your Heart

As yoga lowers your blood pressure, it is also known to benefit your heart. Because of the slower heart rate, people prone to heart disease, and high blood pressure can benefit from it. Lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also linked to yoga. Overall, yoga can help improve your immune system.

If you are not bothered to run outside or head to the gym, you can relax at home and do some Yoga! It can only do good for your body and mind.

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