Laundry Tips and Tricks That help Keep Clothes Like New

Taking care of your clothes is a necessity. However, it’s inevitable that your clothes get dirty, flat, faded, stained, and creased. Even after having them washed, they aren’t as spick and span as they were before. 

It can be such a headache to deal with your laundry. What are you supposed to do then? Do you have to invest in expensive laundry products such as advanced detergent bars or solutions? There’s no need to do so as there are simple laundry hacks that can make a difference in your clothes. 

Below are some laundry tips and tricks that can make your clothes look better than ever:


Using Lemons to Brighten Clothes

Did you know that lemons can brighten your clothes? Soak your white clothes in a basin with water and lemons for a few hours. If you need extra brightening, you can use boiling water and let them soak overnight. Once done, put the clothes in the washing machine as usual. You’ll be surprised how they become practically gleam and smell fantastic as well.


Adding Coffee or Tea as Natural Dyes

Using coffee or tea can raise your brows. However, did you know that both tea and coffee are natural dyes? Yes, they are, and they can be added to black clothing. As a result, they darken the hue and add strength to the dye that is already there. Make two cups of coffee or tea and add them to the rinse cycle. It’s that simple and easy!


Adding Vinegar for Softener

Some may have been using vinegar during the rinse cycle. For all you know, vinegar can do a few positive things for your clothes. One, it is a natural clothing softener. Two, it helps to preserve dark dyes. Finally, it cleans clothes thoroughly. Don’t worry about the smell, as it should diminish by the end of the rinse cycle. If not, hang the clothes out to dry until the smell evaporates.


Using Dishwasher Soap for Bleaching

Believe it or not, dishwasher soap is an excellent bleaching add-on. Add some liquid dishwasher detergent in with your regular laundry soap. Then, start the cycle. What can you expect? Your whites will come out whiter than ever. Yes, it does work! 


Putting Baby Powder for Grease Stains

For grease stains, you can use baby powder. Apply powder to the grease stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Once done, brush off the powder, and you’ll be amazed how it will lift the grease. You can do so a few times until the spot has entirely vanished.


Using Pepper to Reduce Fading

Another trick is to use pepper to reduce your clothes from fading. Add one to two teaspoons of pepper directly into the washing machine. Use this during the wash cycle when you are cleaning black clothes. As a result, it will strip away laundry detergent residue responsible for some of the fading of your clothes.


Brightening Your Laundry with Baking Soda

Finally, you can use baking soda to brighten your laundry. Add a mixture of baking soda and water to your wash cycle. What does it do? It works to brighten whites and colors and helps to preserve black clothes. In the end, you will have some of the cleanest clothes in the neighborhood!


To Wrap Up

The laundry tips and tricks can surely help you rise above your washing dilemma. They can ensure your clothes look even better than usual. 

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