Our Tips to Organizing Your Closet for All Seasons

Our Tips to Organizing Your Closet for All Seasons

An organized closet means that everything is easier to find – allowing you to mix and match without having to dig deep and throw your clothes to the floor after a frustrating hunt. Everyone’s been there – be it a missing pair of socks, or the curious case of your missing favorite sweater, there’s a lot of time wasted when you’re dealing with a messy closet. To make matters worse, if you live in the part of the world with four different seasons, then you’re dealing with four varying styles of the wardrobe in itself.


That’s a lot of clothes to jampack in one tiny space, so it’s best to save yourself the trouble by starting on a habit of organizing your clothes according to its season. This can also be your cue to evaluate every piece of clothing you wear, which allows you to throw out anything that isn’t keepers in your book so that your bedroom space can stay updated with what you currently like to wear. To avoid overstuffing your closet, here’s a simplified, no-fuss guide that can help you cut through the clutter and help you get the most from the items you have:


What You’ll Need:

  • Garbage bags
  • Hamper
  • Under-the-bed storage boxes
  • Hangers


Tip #1: Start with Your Summer Clothes

Weed through your clothes and find pieces that you are most likely to wear during dry and hot afternoons. After all, shedding away the layers doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style, so keep in mind the clothes that you will love to wear during summer. From airy blouses, tank tops, skirts, shirts and accessories like hats, put them all within your line of sight. This also gives you the chance to try out old clothes that you may need to let go of, and don’t wait for the right time to donate them. The minute you question whether or not you’ll be wearing it sometime in the future, then that means you’re already not as invested in that piece of clothing as you used to. Donate it, and be ruthless with your choices!


Tip #2: Keep Pieces You Can Still Wear During Fall

You don’t always have to show some skin during the summer. Lightweight blazers, jackets, and cardigans are all pieces you can wear even when the sun is beating down on you, and not to mention, your summer clothes along with these jackets or jeans are the perfect transitional outfits for fall. You can save a lot of time digging these back from the grave by leaving certain pieces that can go both ways in any season. Just be sure to roll up cardigans instead of hanging them to preserve its shape. 


Tip #3: Organize Your Clothes Based on its Type

When it’s time to put the clothes you won’t be using away in a box, it’s best to organize them based on its type. T-shirts go with t-shirts, dresses go with dresses, and so on. This makes it easier to fish out some pieces you may want to bring back from its hiding, and it can also save you some time as you won’t have to dig through every box now that you know each box has its designated style. 


Tips #4: Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding 

Now that you’re ready to store your chosen garments back to your closet, one of the best ways to maximize the space is by rolling pieces that don’t need to be hanged. T-shirts, socks, cardigans, dresses, jeans, and shorts can be easily rolled to make more space.


Tip #5: Assemble Your Winter Clothing

Your winter ensembles may be the hardest to organize as most outfits require you to wear a lot of layers, which means you’ll be needing more clothing to add to your list. The same process above can be applied when it’s time to bring back your winter clothes, though you may want to invest in more hangers now as most jackets will need to be hanged instead of rolled. 

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