Hidden Gems To Visit In Indonesia – Batu

Hidden Gems To Visit In Indonesia

Some places you don’t want to miss when you’re visiting Batu!

Indonesia has a lot of fantastic travel destination depends on what you’re looking for. Be it an adventure, solitude, leisure or culinary delights, Indonesia has it all.

This time we would like to bring you to Malang, the second-largest city in East Java, to be precise, we’re taking you to Batu, a city around 12 miles from Malang. Batu is a small city with lots of attraction whether you’re travelling alone, with partners and friends or even with family.

Batu was formerly a recreational place for the Dutch Officer during the colonial era. It’s accessible by train and road. If you’re taking the road route, you might want to rent a car or use Grab car to reach Batu. This stunning scenery along the journey is quite amazing.

Coban Rondo (Widow Waterfall)

This waterfall area is a real lust green area, with 84m height for the waterfall, and plenty other attraction. There’s a tree maze if you like a maze challenge then you want to try this one. There’s also a watchtower if you’re going to take a look at the maze shape from above before trying it out. You can take a picnic on the benches or forest area, ziplining, rent a bike, play paintball or arrow-shooting, or just taking selfies in several photo area.

Museum Angkut & Pasar Apung (Transport Museum and Floating Market)

If you’re an automobile fan, this might be a haven for you, especially if you’re into antics. There are eight areas in the museum. If you’re not really into cars, don’t worry, you can wait at Pasar Apung (floating market) and spoil yourself with diverse culinary selection in this place, or rent a boat to circle the area.

Wisata petik buah KTMA

We all love to pick our own fruits. You can do this at the super famous fruit plantation! You and your family can pick delicious fruits such as apples, dragon fruits, guavas and oranges and much more all while you learn about the fruits you pick. There is also a really nice food area you can picnic at as well on site.

Jatim Park 2

If you bring your family and would like to have everything under one roof, Jawa Timur Park 2 might be the one for you. Jatim Pak 2 consists of an amusement park, animal park, and water play park all at the same location. Some fun thing to visit is the aquarium and the animals. To save money, you have the option to buy an all-in-one family pack.

Batu Night Spectacular

Are you a night person? Then Batu Night Spectacular is for you. Open from 15.00 – 23.00, but we suggest you come at 19.00 when it’s already dark since a lot of lighted lampions will greet you. BNS combines shopping, attractions, sports and entertainment all in one place.

If you decide to go, we hope you enjoyed these places as much as we did.

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